Learn to run with less effort and stay injury free with ChiRunning® with UK's first Chi Running Instructor since 2007.


Chi Running® is helping thousands of runners to approach running in a healthier way.
Combining the principles of T'ai Chi with the power and energy of running, it is simply revolutionising the sport of running. Build great postural alignment, strengthen your core and establish intelligent movement habits.

If you are new to running, coming back from injury, want to run with less effort and prolong your running life, then ChiRunning® is for you.

Some of the benefits of Chi Running®:

  • Run injury free for the rest of your life
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce effort and make running more enjoyable
  • Virtually eliminate post run soreness

Michelle Muldoon is a Master Chi Running Instructor.  She has been teaching Chi Running since becoming the first Certified Chi Running Instructor in the UK in October 2007.  She has taught many people the benefits of ChiRunning® and watched interest in the technique grow.  Running is at last being recognised as a skill that needs to be learned in order to prevent the never ending list of running injuries that continue to plague many runners. Her clients range from beginners to seasoned marathon runners, triathletes and those who had given up hope of running again.  If you want to improve your running technique, become a more efficient runner, learn how to avoid injury and enjoy running for the rest of your life, then contact Michelle.  She teaches in London and is happy to travel for workshops, talks and corporate groups.   

    "A great day, I feel so enthusiastic about running (and walking) most of the time, but due to injury this has lost its focus, this workshop has rebuilt my enthusiasum and I feel I have regained my focus. I wish I had discovered Chi Running earlier, I may have been able to achieve so much more...." Kevin Marshall 

"This was a well planned and interesting day. Michelle was a great teacher and explained the Chi running concepts in a way that has made them firmly embedded in my head! I already had the DVD and books, but couldn't quite grasp the material - now it's a doodle." Helen Rebello